Confab 2012 Precap: Daniel Eizans, Melissa Rach, James Mathewson

I’m calling this group of my Confab 2012 Precaps “The Smart Kids.” Sure, all of the Confab speakers are smart, but I love these three because they make ME feel smarter!

I’m looking forward to what I might learn from seeing them in person at Confab!

Daniel Eizans
Daniel Eizans (@danieleizans)
Lead Strategist, Team Detroit
Confab 2012 bio

2011 Appearances
CS Forum London — Contextually Relevant Content Strategy [Blurb|Slides]
Content Talks — Metrics-Driven Content Strategy [Podcast]

Daniel is so smart, he sometimes makes my brain hurt!

I don’t know much about this fancy mental modeling stuff, but Daniel’s in the middle of a three-part series on what it means for content strategists, starting with Mental Modeling For Content Work. At Confab 2012 I’m guessing he’ll present a reduced version even a pink doll might understand!

Mr. Crumbles’s Conjecture: Daniel showed off his smarts by isolating content strategy metrics with Metrics, Strategy and Getting More Satisfaction. I’m predicting he will combine that approach with Hick’s Law to offer us a Predictive Model for Online Content Comprehension.

Melissa Rach
Melissa Rach (@melissarach)
VP of Content Strategy, Brain Traffic
Confab 2012 bio

2011 Appearances
Confab — Strategy—Content Strategy’s Other Half [Slides]
CS Forum London — Content strategy methodology: a DIY project [Blurb|Slides]

Melissa puts the “brain” in Brain Traffic! (OK, maybe I just made other Brain Traffic staffers jealous, but you kinda have to agree.) I’m thinking there will be more hugs like this one at Confab 2011.

When she’s done with that, I’m hoping she continues to teach us how to merge content strategy into your business strategy like she recently did in The Business of Content for the new Contents Magazine.

Mr. Crumbles’s Conjecture
: More wicked-smart content strategy techniques for BIG sites, like she shared with Audit Sampling: It’s a Numbers Game. If she provides a multi-dimensional gap analysis template for sites with dozens of content vendors, I’ll need to add more microchips to my brain!

James Mathewson
James Mathewson (@James_Mathewson)
Global Search Strategy Lead, IBM
Confab 2012 bio

2011 Appearance
Content Talks – Enterprise Content Strategy Governance [podcast]

James is a recovering Wittgensteinian scholar. I’m thinking he will give us a historical perspective of how his research into the philosophical concept of relevance led to his co-authoring a book entitled Audience, Relevance, and Search: Targeting Web Audiences with Relevant Content.

And, yes, that would be exciting!

Mr. Crumbles’s Conjecture: It’s hard not to use your Carl Sagan voice when considering the “millions and millions” of pages James is responsible for as the strategy lead for IBM Global Search. James might remind us why SEO isn’t a four-letter word, even if you’re a content strategist. Er, you know what I mean.

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  1. Thanks. One tineyquibble, it’s IBM, not 3M.

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